How Not to Bungle the Revolution - Universal Basic Income vs the Federal Job Guarantee [Conrad Shaw 6.12.18]

An open letter specifically to today's Progressives, but relevant to anyone and everyone, regarding the idea of a Universal Basic Income, and why a Federal Job Guarantee, although a very worthwhile supplement, would be a disastrous alternative to it.

Philanthropy is Broken - and Kickstarter is hobbled, but basic income can fix them both [Conrad Shaw 4.1.18]

A deep dive into why our deification of the rich is unfair, both to us and to them, and completely incapable of solving our problems. A thought experiment in the realities of philanthropy and social investment and an illustration of why the only way to effectively solve our societal problems is to democratize giving to all and empower each in society to work toward solutions more locally and personally through a UBI.

Money Isn't Money - until it is [Conrad Shaw 12.24.17]

Why does everyone insist on calling UBI "free money" when it isn't actually money at all? A philosophical examination of how we should really be thinking about money.

Spoiler Alert: It Ain’t $3 Trillion - the real cost of UBI, simplified [Conrad Shaw 12.18.17]

An explanation of a key element almost everyone misses in understanding the actual cost of UBI.

Maybe Utopia is Terrifying - but it beats the hell out of the alternative [Conrad Shaw 11.21.17]

An exploration of why human beings may have a tendency to avoid change, even for the dramatically better.

Basic Income’s Third Wave [Karl Widerquist 10.18.17]

The drive toward a basic income isn’t new. It’s a 100-year-old movement that has gotten stronger each time inequality has returned to the public discussion.

Heroes in Charlottesville [Conrad Shaw 8.27.17]

I found myself in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12th (4 days ago as I begin to write this), following a potential character for the documentary film my partner and fiancée Deia and I are producing. Our subject was there as a counter-protester to confront the various neo-Nazis, klansmen, white supremacists, et al. who were assembling there for the “Unite the Right” rally to protest the planned removal of Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s statue in former Lee Park, recently renamed Emancipation Park.

What Would People Do With A Basic Income? Let Them Explain In Their Own Words [Ben Schiller 6.7.17]

After Fast Company's original write-up, we experienced a surge of interest, further articles and mentions, and 13,000+ applications to be in the film within a few weeks. Fast Company decided to do a followup on the compelling American stories shared with us by those hoping to be selected for the film. Both a heartbreaking and in inspiring read.

A detailed funding plan for cross-partisan implementation of universal basic income in the United States [Scott Santens 6.5.17]

Some of the most common questions ever asked in regards to the idea of a universal basic income (UBI) are in regards to the details. “How much income? Who gets it? Who pays for it? How is it paid for? What does it replace?” These are all ...

Check out the Bootstraps write-up in Fast Company! [Ben Schiller 5.19.17]

If America ever does take the radical step of introducing a universal basic income (UBI)–that is, a regular payment to all citizens to cover their basic needs–presumably the idea will need something like universal support. To pay for such a scheme might cost more than 1 trillion dollars, and generally America doesn’t spend that sort of money unless the people are broadly onboard ...

Interview with the Economist [Conrad Shaw 5.8.17]

About a month and a half ago, on March 22, the podcast debate forum Intelligence Squared (IQ2) held a debate regarding universal basic income (UBI) in New York City. Being a denizen of New York and a relatively recent and enthusiastic recruit to the cause of UBI advocacy (my partner Deia and I are undertaking an ambitious film project about it), I was eager to go and see this debate play out. I was even more excited when....

Some of our thoughts on UBI [Conrad Shaw 3.11.17]

"We have descended into the weary and preoccupied mind’s fallacy of 'othering.' This is to say we have allowed ourselves to perceive the other members of our society as opponents, statistics, enemies, leeches, and threats to our own security. When we are in constant competition mode, we forget the other players for the sake of the game."

NYT: The Future of Work [Annie Lowrey 2.23.17]

Great New York Times series on many aspects of work as it relates to a changing society.

NPR/KQED: As Our Jobs Are Automated, Some Say We'll Need A Guaranteed Basic Income [Weekend Edition 9.24.16]

Much of the anger and anxiety in the 2016 election is fueled by the sense that economic opportunity is slipping away for many Americans. This week, as part of NPR's collaborative project with member stations, A Nation Engaged, we're asking the question: What can be done to create economic opportunity for more Americans?

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